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Verbalesque Creative Copywriting is based in the North East but works with clients from all over the world, specialising in various industries - such as automotive.

When your business needs to influence or convince customers, you need a good copywriter. If you want to create an impact online, I can help.

Many people can write well but that's not usually enough to get consistently excellent results. Copywriting involves the use of words, proven triggers and actions to persuade people to think or act in a specific way.

Find a voice that shouts your message loud and clear with my expert help...


Blogs and SEO Articles

Blogs and articles provide useful or meaningful information. They boost your following or demonstrate your expertise.

A freelance blogger writes to attract new people to your business. Regular blog posts keep existing customers interested in you and what you have to offer.

SEO article writing gives you a platform to shout your message from and introduces you to a new audience.


Training Materials

Based in Newcastle, I have 12 years experience in the training industry.

"Naomi is the best UK copywriter to help you create training manuals, quick reference guides, training notes and presentation scripts."

Transform your experience and specialist knowledge into engaging, easy-to-use training materials.

I'm also a qualified NVQ assessor and a freelance blogger for training companies.


Direct Response Sales

Irresistible sales writing that gets you measurable, quick results.

Email campaigns, squeeze pages, landing pages, long sales letters and adverts that sell.


Product Descriptions

From car sales to cosmetics and everything in between.

Showcase your goods to boost sales. Leave your competitors behind.


Adverts, Taglines and Slogans

Create impact. Be remembered. Generate sales.


Website Copy

I write website pages using carefully crafted copy chosen to suit your online audience. Proven writing techniques prompt the actions you need to convert clicks into sales.

My website copy is SEO optimised. Let's use your brand's unique voice to create opportunities for your business.


Editing and Proofreading

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes they can be hard to spot in your own writing.

I offer editing and proofreading packages to suit any writing project. Whether you've written a novel, website or article, I can take your writing to the very highest standard.


Press Releases

The success of your business is often down to how visible you are to the right audience.

Building your public profile takes time and effort. A well-written press release generates the exposure you need in local and national media.


Contact & Quotes

Researching your Brand, your Sector and your Audience

One of the reasons I get the best results for my clients is my commitment to finding out exactly what they need. Before I write anything, I do my research to ensure I understand your brand, your sector and your audience.

Brand Identity, Unique Voice

I review your current content so I get your 'brand identity and voice' exactly right. If you haven't developed a voice - I can help you with that too.

As far as I'm concerned, there is no 'one size fits all' in copywriting. Every project is unique and every business requires a different approach.

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